Inspire Intentional Strategic Plans and Boost Library Marketing

Managing the support of your library’s many strategic priorities, programs, collections, and resources—especially if you don’t have a large team with the time and experience to dedicate solely toward this effort—can tend to feel overwhelming. In order to reduce the guesswork and potential stress that can come with library management, we offer two solutions to help public libraries with their day-to-day strategic planning and marketing objectives. Each solution is an important resource in its own right, yet when combined they can balance demographic insight with your library’s own data to fuel strategic planning, program selection, marketing outreach, and more.

So what do our library marketing and management solutions offer and how can your library benefit from them?

Gale Engage and Gale Analytics are comprehensive, data-driven resources that libraries can leverage to better understand their patrons as users of their library and their community as consumers of goods and services. This valuable insight can be reflected in strategic plans, programming, collections, and marketing outreach to ensure the focus of the library is inclusive and will serve the diverse needs of your community.

Whether your library is creating a new strategic plan from scratch or modifying and improving its current strategic priorities, offerings, and marketing activities, Gale Engage and Gale Analytics will provide your library with the expertise necessary to understand not only what your community needs, but also identify the right audience to promote your library services. Not sure which resource would benefit you the most? Connect with a data expert.



Gale Analytics uses the power of the Experian Mosaic® USA proprietary household segmentation system and data blending to segment households in your service area into 71 unique profiles, or Mosaics. These Mosaics are based on demographic and lifestyle characteristics, which library staff can use to better understand the needs of both patrons and nonpatrons.

Key features include Tableau dashboard outputs that can be easily shared and manipulated, along with the ability to export patron and nonpatron mailing lists to promote all your library services. Use tools like rich visuals and moving maps to gain a more complete view of your community and prove your library’s value.